Exploit lets you complete Fortnite Season 5 legendary quest in seconds

Looking to complete the Season 5 Week 12 Fortnite Legendary challenge? This bug allows you to do the challenge incredibly fast.

This week’s Legendary challenge requires players to deal damage after dashing while using a Zero Point crystal – a very situational and tough challenge.

For many players, this will require a great deal of time to complete using conventional methods. Unless you get a lucky circle in a game of Team Rumble, it will almost always take multiple matches to finish

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Luckily, a few players happened upon a method that allows you to complete the challenge in only one game.

The method was posted on Reddit from user electro_wiz, but a few other players accidentally discovered it as well. As it turns out, you don’t actually need to damage any opponents.

Apparently, if you use a Zero-Point Crystal while in the storm, any damage your character receives from the storm will count towards the challenge. We’re unsure exactly how this bug is possible, but it’s certainly worth using to your advantage.

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Commenters on the thread also rushed to speak about their experiences, with one revealing that the bug “also works for the Zero Point fish.”

Most players know this by now, but it’s worth mentioning that you don’t need to break the crystals with your pickaxe. If you build any structure on top of a crystal, it will break and offer you Zero Point rocks.

Be sure to get this challenge done as fast as you can so you don’t miss out on the easy opportunity to finish this Legendary challenge. Since the challenge is only available for one week, we don’t anticipate Epic releasing a patch to fix the issue.

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Image Credit: Epic Games