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Fortnite leak reveals new aim assist system coming soon

Aim Assist is a long-debated issue in Fortnite, but a data miner has discovered a new aim assist system is in the works.



Fortnite John Wick

Aim assist has been a contentious issue in Fortnite, but data miners have discovered upcoming changes to aim assist in the game files.

Aim assist, which helps controller players stay on target, has been a much-debated topic in Fortnite.

Mouse and keyboard players have long complained about the power of aim assist, with streamers like Tfue, Bugha, and others often leading the debate.

When crossplay first arrived in Fortnite, mouse and keyboard players had a distinct advantage over their controller using competitors. Building was much more intuitive with the extra buttons a keyboard has. In 2019’s Fortnite World Cup, only a handful of controller players qualified, with the top placements dominated by the KBM input.

Epic have been consistently adding more options for controller players, and now controller players often dominate competitive Fortnite.

However, a leaker has discovered a new aim assist system is coming to Fortnite soon.

Fortnite’s new aim assist system

Respected Fortnite leaker and data miner, Mang0e, found out that Fortnite is working on a new targeting system.

With the launch of Season 5, a plugin called “TargetingSystem” was added. Mang0e discovered that its description reads: “Generic Targeting System to be used for gameplay. Abilities/Aim Assist/etc.”

There isn’t enough detail to draw conclusions from here; we don’t know if this new system is a nerf or a buff to aim assist. It is clear that Epic are aware of issues with aim assist and have begun working on an overhaul.

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Call of Duty fans know that it is possible for aim assist to be balanced against mouse and keyboard. There are minimal complaints about one method dominating the other, and in competitive Warzone, there is a good balance between inputs for the top earners.

Stay tuned to CharlieINTEL, where we’ll explain the new system once it has been implemented.