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Fortnite leak reveals Chapter-ending black hole could return in Season 8

Fortnite leaks say that the black hole has been updated in Season 8, and signs point towards it marking the end of Chapter 2.



Fortnite Season 8 black hole

A black hole swallowed the original Fortnite map and ushered in Chapter 2, and data miners have discovered it could also return to mark the end of Season 8 and introduce Chapter 3.

Back in October 2019, Season 10 concluded with a destructive event that took Fortnite offline and had players staring at a black hole on-screen for almost two days. When the black hole vanished, players dropped into the brand-new Chapter 2, Season 1.

We’re now in Season 8 of Chapter 2, and Fortnite data miner HYPEX has discovered that the black hole has been updated in the game files. Many believe this spells the end of Chapter 2 and will usher in Chapter 3 after Season 8.

Cube in Fortnite Season 8

There has been no official confirmation on when Fortnite Chapter 2 will conclude. Speculation started after Epic Games’ Chief Creative Officer Donald Mustard tweeted in September 2021 that “CH2 S8 and the two after it are maybe my very favorite parts.” Some took the ambiguous “the two after it” to mean that they might not be Chapter 2 Seasons.

The black hole has reportedly returned to the game files, and popular leaker HYPEX revealed on October 27 that it was “updated again.” They said Epic “added back the hotfix that makes the game load you directly into the Blackhole.”

Hints that Fortnite Season 8 will end Chapter 2

Alongside this tweet, HYPEX put together several hints that Season 8 will conclude Chapter 2. These include Season 8’s Page-Turner Emote, where the description is “Just a second, I’m almost at the end of the chapter.”

The Cube Queen arrived in the Battle Pass with the 18.30 update, and her character has several hints that the end is nigh. Her Reality Render Pickaxe’s description reads “This staff has ended countless realities. Soon, the Island will join them.” And her Backbling says “Time is running out for you.”

The powerful Mechs are set to return as part of the Donation Board mechanic, where players can vote to unvault previous items. These dominated Chapter 1’s final season, so some take this as a hint that the end of Chapter 2 is almost here.

Of course, these are just speculation and leaks. There’s no guarantee that Season 8 will mark the end, as Fortnite’s characters could rally together to prevent destruction in a Season-ending event.

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Image Credit: Epic Games