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Is a Jimmy Neutron skin coming to Fortnite? Latest developments

Is a Jimmy Neutron skin coming to Fortnite? We break down the latest rumors claiming the boy genius is joining the battle royale.



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According to rumors circling the internet, the boy genius Jimmy Neutron might be coming to Fortnite as a new character skin. Here is all of the latest information for the game’s next possible crossover.

Although Jimmy Neutron has been off the air for 15 years, players believe he could be the next crossover character to join Fortnite. Epic Games’ catalog of crossovers does contain characters from franchises big and small.

Fortnite has collaborated with massively popular characters from Rick and Morty, Marvel, and DC. But Epic has also featured obscure crossovers such as Guggimon, Kelsier from the Mistborn novels, and Gildedguy.

With crossovers ranging from industry titans to niche corners of the internet, is Jimmy Neutron really that farfetched? Here’s everything we know about the potential Jimmy Neutron crossover.

Jimmy Neutron Fortnite

Will there be a Fortnite Jimmy Neutron skin?

The short answer currently is no. Jimmy Neutron is not coming to Fortnite as per the current rumors. That’s not to say a Fortnite Jimmy Neutron skin couldn’t be added in the future, and we will update this piece with any new information regarding a possible Fortnite Jimmy Neutron skin.

However, the rumors circulating the internet now are fan-made concepts.

The rumors of Jimmy Neutron skin were started by Twitter user @StinkyBlueRat.

Their tweet included a rather convincing picture of Jimmy reimagined as a Fortnite character. Thousands of retweets and replies immediately bought into believing the concept art of the Fortnite Jimmy Neutron skin was genuine.

However, a reverse image search shows the image originally appeared on ArtStation over a year ago. The Jimmy Neutron concept was created by artist Nazar Noschenko.

The description for the image reads, “My take on Jimmy Neutron. Had a lot of fun interpreting the original design. Hope you like it!”

Sadly, despite the fantastic design, a Jimmy Neutron skin is not officially scheduled to be coming anytime soon. However, Epic Games is possibly planning a crossover with another off-air cartoon: Naruto. Maybe we will see more of our favorite childhood cartoons come to Fortnite in the future, like a Jimmy Neutron skin.

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Image Credits: Nickelodeon / Epic Games