How to play FIFA 22 for free with PlayStation Plus

Nathan Warby
FIFA 22 PlayStation Plus

Anyone on a Sony platform who missed out on FIFA 22 now has the opportunity to play it for free through PlayStation Plus. Here’s how to pick up EA’s latest football sim on PS Plus.

Millions of football fans have already dropped into FIFA 22 since it was released back in October, crafting their perfect Ultimate Team and enjoying the regular promos. But some players may have missed the boat, either because they opted for eFootball instead, or they didn’t want to splash the $70.

Now may actually be the best time to try out FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, with Team of the Season set to bring a mountain of content to the mode. EA are clearly acknowledging this as they’re offering the game for free on PlayStation Plus this month.

Here’s how you can play FIFA 22 for free through PS Plus.

When does FIFA 22 come to PlayStation Plus?

Alexande-Arnold in FIFA 22

FIFA 22 will be made available for free to PlayStation Plus subscribers from Tuesday, May 3, 2022. It comes alongside Tribes of Midgard and Curse of the Dead Gods, which can also be downloaded for no extra cost.

PS Plus games refresh on the first Tuesday of every month, meaning players will have until June 7 to add FIFA 22 to their library. After this date, the game will return to full price.

It’s worth noting that you don’t have to download the file there and then. Once added to your PS4 or PS5 library, it can be downloaded for free at any time as long as you have an active PS Plus membership.

How to play FIFA 22 for free on PS4 and PS5

Haaland in FIFA 22

The process for picking up free PlayStation Plus games will be fairly straightforward for long-time subscribers.

However, if you’ve grabbed a membership specifically for FIFA 22, here’s how to access your copy:

  1. Boot up your PS4 or PS5
  2. Make sure you have an acitve PlayStation Plus subcription
  3. If you don’t, you can purchase one from the offical website or PS Store
  4. Head over to the PS Plus section of the home page, or search manually for FIFA 22 on the PS Store
  5. Select FIFA 22 and add the game to your libary
  6. Hit downoad and wait for the file to be installed
  7. Load up FIFA 22, lace your boots, and take to the pitch

There you have it, by following those simple steps you can hop into FIFA 22 absolutely free – just in time for Team of the Season!

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Image credits: EA Sports