How to move your goalkeeper in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: Corners and 1v1s

Nathan Warby
Ederson in FIFA 22

Moving your goalkeeper is a great way to catch your opponent off guard in FIFA 22 and give your stopper a better chance of making a save. Here’s how and when to make use of this trick in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

While building your Ultimate Team squad up of top-rated players and special cards is key for FUT success, it doesn’t hurt to know some little hints and tricks to give you an edge.

Moving your goalkeeper is a relatively simple technique that can catch out opposing strikers and help preserve your precious clean sheet.

Here’s our simple guide on how to move your keeper in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, and when it is most effective.

How to move your goalkeeper in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Alisson Becker in FIFA 22

To move your goalkeeper in FIFA 22, press and hold in the R3 button on the right analog stick of your controller and push in the direction you want the goalkeeper to move.

Using the triangle / Y button you can call the keeper to come and collect the ball, but using R3 allows the player to subtly change their position without them rushing out of the goal.

Once you release R3, the goalkeeper will automatically return to the position they would normally take up depending on the situation.

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It’s worth noting that this control is available in every game mode, but AI teams react far quicker to the position change and will often punish the move.

When to move your goalkeeper in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

Goalkeeper making save in FIFA 22

There are two main scenarios where moving your goalkeeper is most effective, from one-on-ones and from corners.

When your opponent is bearing down on goal with their striker, shifting your keeper’s position at the last second can catch them out and cause them to hit the ball straight into his arms.

The key here is predicting which side of the net the attacker will aim for – if you think they will go for the far post then move your goalie over there just before they shoot. The same applies if you think they are going to drill it to the near post.

You’ll want to delay the move until the last possible second, otherwise they may react to what you’ve done and slot it in the other corner that is left exposed.

FIFA 22 goalkeeper trying to save a shot

From corners, dragging your goalkeeper off his line and out towards the penalty spot will drastically reduce the number of headers you let in.

FIFA 22 keepers are ruthless when coming out to catch crosses, so giving them a headstart means they will come and claim nearly every corner will little fuss.

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This leaves your opponent with two options – try and whip a perfect corner to the back post or play it short.

Both of these will give your keeper plenty of time to retreat back to the safety of his goal-line – making this a far less risky tactic than in one-on-ones.

That was our easy guide on how to move your goalkeeper in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, be sure to keep this sneaky trick in mind the next time you take on Division Rivals or FUT Champions.

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