How to complete FIFA 23 Flashback Theo Walcott SBC: Requirements & solutions

Nathan Warby
Flashback Walcott card with FIFA 23 logo

EA SPORTS have dropped a Flashback Theo Walcott in FIFA 23 as part of the Future Stars promo. Here’s how to complete the Flashback Walcott SBC in FIFA 23, along with the cheapest solutions.

The FIFA 23 Future Stars promo is in full swing, shining the spotlight on the bright sparks who are set to dominate football in the years to come. This fan-favorite event has already delivered an exciting team of special cards as well as a host of Swaps objectives to grind.

But just like in other promos, such as Team of the Year, EA have also dropped a Flashback SBC to celebrate a player who would have featured in Future Stars when they were first breaking through – Theo Walcott.

Here’s how to get Flashback Walcott in FIFA 23, as well as the cheapest solutions for each SBC.

FIFA 23 Flashback Walcott stats

Walcott’s 87 rating is a +15 upgrade on his regular card.

FUT fans will be immediately drawn to Flashback Walcott’s blistering 99 pace, making him one of the fastest players in this year’s game. He also has 87 finishing, which is ideal for those who want to play him through the middle as a striker.

91 agility makes him a strong option on the wings as well, capable of turning defenders inside out with a quick faint. All in all, he’s a strong card in multiple positions that feels like a must for Premier League fans, or as a super sub coming off the bench.

How to complete Flashback Walcott SBC in FIFA 23

There are just two squads that must be submitted to get Flashback Theo Walcott in FIFA 23, which will cost roughly 160,000 coins according to FUTBIN. This is a steal when you consider Walcott’s stats, so don’t be surprised to see him feature heavily in FUT Champions matches going forward.

We’ve got a breakdown of the SBC requirements and cheapest solutions for each below:


  • England players: Min. 1
  • 85-rated players: Min. 1
  • Squad rating: Min. 83


83 rated squad for flashback Walcott

Premier League

  • Premier League players: Min. 1
  • Squad rating: Min. 86


86 rated squad for Flashback Walcott

Players have until Sunday, February 12 to complete the Flashback Walcott SBC in FIFA 23, giving them plenty of time to save up the right amount of SBC fodder.

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Image credits: EA SPORTS / FUTBIN