How to complete FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Base ICON Upgrade: SBC requirements & is it worth it?

Nathan Warby
fifa 22 ICON Upgrade

EA has dropped a Base ICON Upgrade SBC in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team for fans to get stuck into. Here’s everything you need to know about how to complete it, and whether or not it is worth the grind.

The first ICON SBC of the year has landed in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, as EA have dropped a Base ICON Upgrade for fans to complete.

ICONS are some of the game’s highest-rated players and are perfect for helping your team achieve full chemistry or securing bragging rights over your friends.

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Fans will no doubt be tripping over themselves to bag themselves their first footballing legend of the year, so here’s how to complete the FIFA 22 Base ICON Upgrade, and our thoughts on whether or not players should go for it.

What are FIFA 22 Base ICONS?

Rooney in FIFA 22

Base ICONS are the first and lowest-rated version of every legend in FIFA 22, they usually represent the player when they were just breaking through or in the swansong of their career.

They still come with all the same chemistry benefits, where they link to everyone regardless of league or nation, but their stats are more modest than the Mid or Prime versions.

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That’s not to say they are unusable. Since they occasionally depict a player when they were younger, their pace stats can sometimes but just as good as their high-rated counterparts.

How to complete FIFA 22 Base ICON Upgrade


There are a total of four SBCs to complete to earn your shiny Base ICON, requiring two Team of the Week players altogether.

According to FUTBIN, the whole SBC is clocking in at between 459,000 to 512,000 coins depending on which platform you play on.

Each individual challenge also rewards players with a free pack, so keep your fingers crossed for some good SBC fodder in any of those.

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Check out the full list of requirements below.

  • 87-Rated Squad (Prime Mixed Players Pack)
    • Squad Rating: Min 87.
    • Team Chemistry: Min. 40
    • Players in Squad: 11
  • 86-Rated Squad (Small Prime Gold Players Pack)
    • Team of the Week Players: Min. 1
    • Squad Rating Min. 86
    • Team Chemistry: Min. 45
    • Players in Squad: 11
  • 86-Rated Squad (Premium Mixed Players Pack)
    • Squad Rating: Min. 86
    • Team Chemistry: Min 50
    • Players in Squad: 11
  • 85-Rated Squad (Small Prime Electrum Players Pack)
    • Team of the Week Players: Min. 1
    • Squad Rating: Min. 85
    • Team Chemistry: Min. 55
    • Players in Squad: 11

Is the Base ICON Upgrade worth it?

Eric Cantona on FIFA 22

If we’re being completely honest, the answer to whether or not you should complete the Base ICON Upgrade depends on how your club is looking at this early point of the year.

The market has been notoriously dead this year, but as we mentioned earlier if you have to buy every player for each SBC you’re looking at a nearly 500,000 coin dent in your savings.

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There are more than 100 ICONS in the game this year, but at the time of writing, only 36 Base versions are selling for more than that, and these are some of the biggest names like Pele and Eusebio.

With this in mind, if your club is relatively empty but you’re sitting on a 500,000 to 600,000 coin haul, save your coins or splash out on the ICON you really want – rather than leaving it to chance and getting Inzaghi.

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Robin Van Persie Icon cards in FIFA 22

On the other hand, if you’ve been spamming those 78+ Player Picks and have a club full of high-rated players that don’t challenge your starting squad, then this SBC is more than worth the risk.

Ultimately, we wouldn’t recommend completing the Base ICON Upgrade unless you would only have to spend around 100,000 coins in total.

That was everything you need to know about the first Base ICON Upgrade of FIFA 22. There’s sure to be more SBCs like this throughout the year, so stay tuned on Charlie INTEL for more guides.

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Image credits: EA

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