FIFA 23 update delivers major pressing tactic nerf & corner glitch fix

Luca Di Marzo
FIFA 23 Argentina World Cup

Players may want to change their custom tactics as a November 9 FIFA 23 update delivered a major nerf to pressing in Ultimate Team.

The Ultimate Team grind continues to rage on as players stockpile Division Rivals and FUT Champions rewards ahead of the World Cup event that is set to take over FIFA 23. Throughout the month of November, FUT players will have plenty of opportunities to earn valuable rewards that should improve their squads.

EA have provided a FIFA 23 update on November 9 that addressed two major issues that were plaguing the Ultimate Team experience as of late. Following the update, gameplay should feel more balanced for players, but some are not pleased that EA have ignored another controversial mechanic.

FIFA 23 November 9 FUT update patch notes

  • Increased Stamina Decay by up to 41% for Constant Pressure, Press After Possession Loss, and Press On Heavy Touch Defensive Custom Tactics.
  • Reduced ball velocity from fully powered corner kicks.
  • Decreased accuracy of fully powered corner kicks.

The two major changes that arrived with the November 9 update are the nerfing of pressing tactics as well as a fix for the corner glitch that had been plaguing FIFA 23.

The corner glitch was certainly getting out of hand after plenty of players used the glitch to win Division Rivals matches. EA made it a priority to patch the corner glitch by reducing the ball velocity and accuracy of fully powered corner kicks.

Pressing tactics have been extremely popular in FIFA 23’s Ultimate Team. They allowed teams to smother the opposition in their own half with constant pressure. This tactic had very few drawbacks, which made it overpowered.

Following the update, players will lose stamina at a faster rate when applying pressing tactics like Constant Pressure, Press After Possession Loss, and Press On Heavy Touch.

Players were delighted to hear the news that two troublesome tactics in FIFA 23 received major nerfs. FIFA 23 fans joked that “One of their Devs must’ve been playing Div rivals last night.”

The general consensus from players is that Ultimate Team matches will feel balanced now that certain tactics cannot be abused without consequences: “GET F****D PRESSURE MERCHANTS.”

Although, players were disappointed by the fact that there was no Trivela nerf in the update. The Trivela shot continues to be one of the most broken mechanics in FIFA history, but the devs have not rushed to nerf it, much to the dismay of FUT fans.

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Image Credit: EA Sports