FIFA 23 Ultimate Team pack animations: How to tell if it’s a walkout

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FIFA 23 Ultimate Team pack animation

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of opening a pack in FIFA 23. Whether you purchase the pack with coins and FIFA Points, or the pack is an Ultimate Team reward, here’s how to tell if it will contain a walkout based on pack animations.

FIFA 23 is finally here with early access beginning on September 27 before the full release of the game on September 30. Players will be eager to dive back into Ultimate Team this year given the drastic changes made to the fan-favorite mode.

The chemistry system is not the only feature to receive a facelift, as Ultimate Team’s pack animations have also been altered by EA in FIFA 23.

Here’s how to identify pack animations to discern if a walkout is on the way.

FIFA 23 Vinicius Jr.

What is a walkout in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?

A walkout in FIFA 23 is a high-rated player who will literally walk out in front of the screen when you open an Ultimate Team pack. Securing a walkout at the beginning of your Ultimate Team journey will be a massive boost to your squad.

A player will walk out in FIFA 23 if they have an overall rating of at least 86. Once you learn how to identify the walkout animation, you’ll be able to confirm if a card of 86 or higher is on the way. When it comes to special cards like TOTW or other FIFA 23 promos, walkouts will occur as of 84 overall.

FIFA 23 walkout pack animation

The easiest way to spot a walkout is to look for a firework directly above the player’s rating before it fully materializes. In FIFA 23, pack animations are quicker than ever, so you’ll only have a few brief seconds to look for the firework before the player is revealed.

While the firework in the center above the card is a telling sign, there are a few things to look for when attempting to identify a pack containing a walkout before the full animation is revealed.

There are some lighting details that you can keep an eye out for, but these also pertain to boards, which we’ll explain below.

FIFA 23 walkout pack animation

FIFA 23 board pack animation

Boards in FIFA 23 is a term used to describe a player rated between 83 and 85 overall. These are still great payers to pack with their own unique animations but they’re just below the level of walkouts.

Boards will also display fireworks but they will not appear directly above the player’s rating. Instead, they will appear on the sides of your screen.

Also, if a pack contains a board or a walkout, the background will suddenly appear a few shades darker than normal. In addition, you’ll want to keep an eye on the spotlights on either side of the unidentified card that will glow and point upward if one of the two is on the way.

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