FIFA 23 TOTS reward changes: FUT Champs, Division Rivals & Squad Battles

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FIFA 23 players receive Ultimate Team rewards for playing FUT Champs, Division Rivals, and Squad Battles. To celebrate the iconic TOTS promo, EA have updated the rewards on offer, so let’s take a look at all of the changes.

Voting for the illustrious TOTS promo has already started in FIFA 23, with the first squad of players expected to arrive on April 28. The Community TOTS will kick off the promo, but before these boosted cards arrive, EA announced some major changes to Ultimate Team rewards.

Playing FIFA 23’s Ultimate Team mode during the Team of the Season promo will be more important than ever with new and improved rewards up for grabs. FUT Champions, Division Rivals, and Squad Battles all had their reward criteria altered to celebrate TOTS.

Let’s take a look at all of the reward changes for FIFA 23 TOTS.

FIFA 23 TOTS reward changes explained

EA have decided to “update rewards across FUT Champions, Division Rivals & Squad Battles to celebrate the arrival of Team of the Season (TOTS).”

Not only will TOTS players be available in packs and on the Transfer Market, but a TOTS takeover has also made its way to Ultimate Team’s rewards program.

These new and improved rewards include “TOTS guarantees, TOTS FUT Champions Red Items, and TOTS Loan Player Items.” Here’s an overview of the changes for each competition.

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TOTS squads are set to spice up FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 TOTS FUT Champions rewards & schedule

For starters, FIFA 23 players who partake in the highly-competitive FUT Champions competition will want to note that throughout the TOTS promo, the devs “will delay the start of the FUT Champions Final event until 8PM BST (12 PM PT / 3 PM ET) and extend the event by 48 hours, finishing at 8AM BST (12 AM PT / 3 AM ET).”

FUT Champions Red Items are the main attraction when it comes to this competition’s rewards. EA confirmed that “all TOTS & TOTS Moments that are available in packs will be made available as TOTS FUT Champions Red Items.”

In addition, every player will automatically have enough FUT Champions qualification points to jump right into the FUT Champions Play-Offs.

If you’re wondering when to concentrate your efforts on FUT Champs based on the TOTS items that will be available as Red Items, here’s a guide to when each TOTS squad will be available as rewards.

Major TOTS League  Minor TOTS League  Champs Start Date  Rewards Available 
Community TOTSEredivisie TOTS4/284/28
Premier League TOTSEredivisie TOTS5/55/5
Bundesliga TOTSEFL Combined TOTS5/125/12
LaLiga TOTSROSHN Saudi League TOTS5/195/19
Ligue 1 TOTSMLS TOTS5/265/26
Serie A TOTSSuper Lig TOTS6/26/2
Ultimate TOTSLiga Portugal TOTS6/96/9

FIFA 23 TOTS Division Rivals rewards & schedule

When it comes to the new and improved FIFA 23 TOTS Division Rivals rewards, Milestone Rewards are set to receive an overhaul in Season 6.

Here are the TOTS-themed Milestone Rewards that await FIFA 23 players at the end of Season 6:

  • Divisions 5-10: Range of TOTS loan rewards depending on your division and the Milestone Rank you reach at the end of Season 6. 
  • Divisions 4 & above: FUT Champions Red Items depending on your division and the Milestone Rank you reach at the end of Season 6. 

For the FIFA 23 cream of the crop Elite Division players, FUT Champions Red Player Picks will be available as rewards each week. The new rewards will replace the TOTW loan Player Picks: “these player picks will contain players from all released TOTS Squads.”

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FIFA 23’s TOTS is bigger and better than ever.

FIFA 23 TOTS Squad Battles rewards & schedule

While Squad Battles isn’t the most popular Ultimate Team competition in FIFA 23, it will still receive a TOTS overhaul.

Players who finish at Silver or higher can earn TOTS rewards that will increase the higher your rank placement. At the moment, there is no word on the exact rewards up for grabs, but we’ll be sure to provide more info as it becomes available.

The table below showcases the TOTS Leagues that will feature as Squad Battles rewards each week:

Major TOTS League  Minor TOTS League Start Date  Rewards Available 
Community TOTSEredivisie TOTS4/305/7
Premier League TOTSEredivisie TOTS5/75/14
Bundesliga TOTSEFL Combined TOTS5/145/21
LaLiga TOTSROSHN Saudi League TOTS5/215/28
Ligue 1 TOTSMLS TOTS5/286/4
Serie A TOTSSuper Lig TOTS6/46/11
Ultimate TOTSLiga Portugal TOTS6/116/18

Hopefully for FIFA 23 fans of Ultimate Team, these new and improved rewards will lead to more TOTS items making their way to their squads.

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Image Credit: EA Sports

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