FIFA 23 to have new anti-cheat system to fight back against hackers

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EA have officially revealed that FIFA 23 will feature a new anti-cheat system for PC, leaving players thrilled that the devs are clamping down on hackers and cheaters.

FIFA players are getting more and more information about the next installment for the franchise as we edge closer to the release date.

From leaks suggesting that Ted Lasso’s team could be in the game, as well as confirmation regarding the web and companion app release dates, EA have also revealed that they will be bringing a new anti-cheat to FIFA 23 for PC.

EA have stated that they are “committed to providing a safe and fair experience for players,” and they will look to do so with the brand-new anti-cheat known as EA AntiCheat (EAAC).

Reddit user GeorgeCuz highlighted the new anti-cheat in the FIFA subreddit, which both reveals and explains the new anti-cheat system.

The EAAC is a “lightweight kernel-mode anticheat and anti-temper solution developed by EA,” which the devs claim has been “reviewed by security development specialists.”

The anti-cheat will automatically activate once players launch FIFA 23, and will automatically close when FIFA 23 is shut down.

EA‘s goal with EAAC is to “protect the vast majority of players” from a “minority group of kernel-based cheaters and cheat developers.” The anti-cheat aims to clamp down on those who want to “engage in Terms of Service (TOS) breaking behavior and negatively impact the game experience for everyone else.”

Further, EA explain that with the expansion of cross-play in FIFA 23, the EAAC also aims to protect console players from PC cheaters. The devs have also confirmed that the inclusion of the new anti-cheat does not mean that FIFA 23 will require a constant internet connection.

Players are clearly excited by the sound of a new anti-cheat, as one comment under the post reads “this was greatly needed. Good addition.”

We’ll have to wait and see how effective this new EA anti-cheat will be when FIFA 23 launches, but for now, check out the top FIFA 23 Premier League ratings.

Image Credits: EA Sports

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