FIFA 23 players furious about “ridiculous” number of duplicates in FUT packs

Alexander Arnold in FIFA 23 pack

Millions of packs have already been opened in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, but even this early in the FUT cycle fans are noticing a huge increase in the number of duplicate cards showing up.

There’s nothing quite like opening a pack in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. All of the grinding in Squad Battles or Division RIvals feels more than worth it when one of the game’s top-rated players comes walking out of the pack with a flashy animation.

Not all packs are worth celebrating though and the more unlucky players will often have to sit through the lengthy animation only to be met by a player that’s already in their club.

Duplicates are fairly common in Ultimate Team, usually later on in the year when players’ clubs are overflowing with cards. However, less than a week since FIFA 23 launched, FUT fans are already reporting that packing the same players is far more common this year.

Reddit user ScoobySkreep first raised the issue in a post titled: “EVERY pack is half duplicates, this is ridiculous.” They said that the amount of rare gold duplicates they have received in FUT is “far too high” compared to the number of cards they have in their club.

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FIFA 23 packs are entirely random, so there’s always the possibility that it will contain an already owned player. But other users are also noticing that it seems to be happening more regularly compared to previous games.

“I have also noticed how high the duplicate percentage seems to be. It seems higher than normal,” said Siggy778. “In the first days of early access I barely had anything in the club but I kept hitting dupes. Just a little sus.”

Since we’re still so early in FUT season, players are also frustrated that there aren’t enough SBCs to put their duplicates into, meaning most need to be either quick sold or put into challenges that are much lower-rated.

“Did the 100k packs in assists/goals today. 11 & 13 dupes. Been throwing 84s in gold upgrades, don’t even have a stacked club,” said another reply.

Some have even accused EA of manipulating the pack weight as a way of forcing players towards their microtransactions in an effort to earn coins.

“It’s crazy how many cards I quick sell for nothing, but that’s the way they want it. How far away from the only tradable items in the game being from packs bought with points are we?” said another.

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EA are yet to mention any changes to the pack weight in FIFA 23, so it’s hard to tell right now if this is a deliberate change on the devs’ part, or if certain FUT fans are just being incredibly unlucky.

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Image credits: EA SPORTS

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