FIFA 23 October 5 update patch notes: Gameplay unchanged, penalties nerfed & referees improved

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FIFA 23 has launched its first title update of any note with the October 5 patch notes and we have the full extent of them including significant changes made to both the penalty kick system, as well as referees.

Each year EA does its best to keep on top of the latest entry in its football simulation franchise by providing regular updates to ensure the gameplay is up-to-scratch.

Despite having only been available for roughly a week, FIFA 23 has already received its first update details in the form of the October 5 patch notes.

The devs have said that smaller, regular updates like this can forego the need to implement larger title updates so regularly, and here’s all the latest information on the first FIFA 23 update.

No major gameplay changes in FIFA 23 update

One of the most significant details about the FIFA 23 October 5 update is that EA have decided not to tinker with the overall gameplay just yet.

This is something that is usually looked at with every iteration of the game, but, for now, it’s been left alone. No adjustments have been made to the game’s speed, player AI, goalkeepers, or a whole host of other gameplay elements that are traditionally tweaked around this time.

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Penalty kicks made harder in FIFA 23

It seems that the devs have been dissatisfied with the state of Penalties so far with the irony in that players haven’t been paying the penalty for inaccurate spot-kicks – this will change in the new FIFA 23 patch.

Now, if a player doesn’t deliver a solid green strike on the flashing meter, there is going to be a greater risk of your penalty not going where you want it if you activate the animation when the charging circle is orange or red.

Referees AI has been adjusted

The contentious issue of referee discretion is always a sour point in FIFA, with FIFA 23 no exception, but EA are already trying to make it so that the on-pitch officials are awarding more correct calls in the October 5 update.

According to the official patch notes for the October 5 update, referees will show more leniency when it comes to “arm-related collisions” and will punish “Hard Slide Tackles” from now on with yellow cards.

Full FIFA 23 October 5 live tuning update patch notes

For a more complete look at the official October 5 patch notes in this FIFA 23 update, check them out below:

  • Reduced the accuracy of Penalty Kicks taken when the Composure Ring is yellow or red.
  • Increased Technical Dribbling animation speed for lower rated dribblers. This change specifically impacts players whose dribbling related Attributes are below 90.
  • Adjusted referees to be less likely to call fouls for arm-related collisions.
  • Adjusted referees to be more likely to award yellow cards for fouls committed by Hard Slide Tackles.

With this update installed, find out how to maximize your FIFA 23 gameplay by following our guide on the best formations and tactics, as well as analyzing the best lengthy players in the game.

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