FIFA 23 Career Mode player development guide: How to develop players

Andrew Highton
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Developing players in FIFA 23’s Career Mode can save you a ton of money in the transfer market and can also raise some much-needed funds. Find out how to properly develop players in FIFA 23’s deep Career Mode.

Whereas a ton of FIFA 23’s attention is naturally diverted towards the insanely popular Ultimate Team game mode, Career Mode offers a different, refined single-player experience to lose hours in.

You’ll be presented with a wide array of tactical headaches and squad dilemmas, as well as making sure your scouting acumen is on point as you covet some of the world’s leading youngsters, as well as the best players.

Outside of bringing home silverware and pleasing fans and players, you also need to make sure you’re developing the next generation of talent.

Our FIFA 23 player development guide will show you the ropes in this year’s Career Mode.

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How to develop players in FIFA 23 Career Mode

Invest wisely

As a kind of prefix before we really delve into the players themselves, your first step before anything else is making sure you have the right talent. Yes, you will already have some promising stars in your ranks when you take over a club, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look elsewhere.

If you’re intending to put several seasons into a Career Mode, then investing makes sense. So the first thing you should do is consult our best young players to sign in FIFA 23 guide to see who has the most potential for the cheapest price.

Other than that, don’t skimp when it comes to buying scouts as it could take them a long time to find anyone worthy. When it comes to signing players, look out for a youngster’s ‘Value’ and ‘Wage’ as they are a great indicator of how incredible the player could be.

Loan moves

With players in your squad, you’re going to need to decide what to do with them to accelerate their growth and ensure they don’t stagnate, and loan moves are a more than viable option.

If you feel a youngster just isn’t going to get the game time at your club, then sending them out on loan gives them a better chance of getting first-team football, developing their skills, and also lessens your wage bill temporarily.

It’s completely potluck how they perform at their adopted club as they could flourish or find themself consigned to someone else’s bench and hinder their development.

Maximize your development plan

Your squad is inevitably going to become sizable and everyone is assigned a specific training regimen supposedly suited to their strengths.

If you’re not too concerned with this aspect then you can always leave players on their default training program. However, if you want players to develop certain attributes and even modify their preferred playing position then you’re going to need to get hands-on.

Tailor development plans to fit your needs and shape your squad so that they cater to your system better.

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Play your youngsters in actual games

Another tried and tested strategy to help your youth players turn into world beaters is to actually give them game time during the season.

Cup games are always a fantastic way to showcase your upcoming players, although it can be detrimental to your competition progress if you play too many of them at once.

If you find you’ve got any truly outstanding talents with eye-catching career prospects and serious growth potential, then it might be worth sticking them on your bench and even bringing them on toward the end of league games that are all wrapped up.

Training mini-games & drills

Your final tactic is to maximize the results your players are receiving in Career Mode’s Training mini-games.

You can assign a handful of players additional training to further the development of their skills and leaving the final grade in the hands of the AI is a good timesaver, but not always efficient when you’re chasing faster success.

Spend 5 mins getting an A grade in every drill and watch as a youngster’s XP bar flies up at a faster rate than normal!

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