FIFA 23 Career Mode: New features & expected changes

FIFA 23 Career mode

FIFA 23 is right around the corner and according to leakers Career Mode is set to undergo an overhaul this year, so here’s a look at the new features that could make their way to the mode.

Career Mode has been a staple of the FIFA series for ages and after EA failed to deliver major changes in FIFA 22, players are eager to see what FIFA 23 has in store. The wait is almost over as players are expected to receive major FIFA 23 information throughout July.

FIFA 23’s Career Mode is for football fans who enjoy seeing the fruits of their labor. Whether it’s developing young talent into the next big superstar or leading your favorite club to silverware, there’s plenty to do in Career Mode.

Here’s what you need to know about the new Career Mode features in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 Career Mode presentation

July is expected to be a major month for FIFA 23 news, particularly throughout the final two weeks of the month. EA have presentations planned to highlight the many changes and additions coming to FIFA 23.

According to leaker DonkTrading, Career Mode will have its own presentation, and fans of the mode will be happy to learn that it “seems there is quite a bit to go through.” Presentations are expected to begin the week of July 18 and last until the second week of August.

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FIFA 23 Career Mode stadium customization

Schalke 04 stadium FIFA 22

Way back in May, FIFA leaker FUTZone reported that a stadium customization feature will make its way to FIFA 23. According to leaks, the feature will be called “Stadium Builder & Editor.”

This indicates that players will not only be able to alter stadiums in Career Mode, but it’s possible they’ll be able to build their own ground from scratch.

This ties into the longevity of the Career Mode experience for players who opt for small clubs and make them grow into powerhouses. In FIFA 23, as the club’s profile grows, your stadium may be able to follow suit with greater capacity.

FIFA 23 Player Career additions

FIFA 22 player career Liverpool

Longtime FIFA fans will know that you can opt to experience a player-focused version of Career Mode alongside the traditional club version. This particular version is in desperate need of quality of life updates, and it seems FIFA 23 is set to deliver.

Once again, leaker FUTZone has revealed that FIFA 23 will feature a set of new Player Career features including:

  • Social Media
  • Tattoos
  • Post Match / Pre Match Interview / MOTM Awards
  • Option to extend your contract
  • Training cut scenes (manager career mode as well)

We’ll have to wait and see if these new features are set to hit both the current and past generation versions of FIFA 23.

As usual, keep in mind that most of this new Career Mode information is based on leaks. We’ll know more about whether these features will make their way to the game once EA’s presentations commence.

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If the FUT mode is more to your liking, you can check out all of the expected changes and new features set to hit Ultimate Team in FIFA 23.

Image Credit: EA Sports