FIFA 22 Ultimate Team players call for classic features to be removed

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One of EA’s biggest success stories is FIFA Ultimate Team, and FIFA 22 has once again brought back the mode with new features and concepts. However, players believe it’s time to put to bed some of the long-time features that the series was built upon.

Since FIFA Ultimate Team’s debut in FIFA 09, the franchise has come a long way. A mere expansion of the base game has expanded into a veritable multi-billion dollar concept that continues to grow.

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Many of the things that made Ultimate Team great still exist in the game such as its pack opening and making custom teams featuring the world’s best players.

But in recent years, EA opted to remove the concept of fitness and fitness cards from FIFA Ultimate Team, and players are now calling for more classic features to follow suit.

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In older games, maintenance of your FIFA Ultimate Team was critical to ensuring that you went into each and every game with a fully fit, uninjured squad.

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FIFA 21 brought an end to the idea of fitness for teams as it was just an unnecessary distraction from the more fun aspects of the game mode.

Players now feel it’s time for contracts and healing items to be shown the door as well, with one FIFA subreddit user saying: “You’ve found a pack filler in-stadium customizations so what are they truly still here for now? Get them gone.”

In the same way that fitness was a huge deal in the game mode’s early years before becoming obsolete, contracts and healing have gone in a similar direction. One thing that separates the state of FIFA Ultimate now compared to iterations of yesteryear is the abundance of packs.

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Earlier versions of Ultimate Team didn’t have FUT Champions, Div Rivals, SBCs, or a whole host of the fun variety it possesses now. Meaning you opened fewer packs and had fewer fitness consumables, contract cards, and healing items.

Fast-forward to FIFA 22, and Ultimate Team gives players tons of ways to get free packs, meaning items that used to be scarce and had to be bought off the transfer market are now an afterthought.

With EA finding ways to streamline FIFA Ultimate Team, there’s every chance these could be phased out in future editions of the popular game mode.

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