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The lengthy AcceleRATE trait took the Ultimate Team community by storm as it was quickly deemed one of the best new mechanics in FIFA 23. Thankfully, EA resolved an issue preventing players from switching to the lengthy type.

Since FIFA 23’s September 30 release, Ultimate Team players have been obsessed with the new lengthy AcceleRATE feature. EA introduced three new sprinting styles into the game: controlled, lengthy, and explosive.

It didn’t take long for FUT fans to discern that players with the lengthy trait were outperforming their explosive and controlled counterparts. Due to their stature and speed which felt much faster than what their in-game stats displayed, lengthy players became highly sought-after cards.

While players can utilize the lengthy trait by default, it’s also possible to turn controlled and explosive players lengthy using chemistry styles. The requirements used to determine a player’s AcceleRATE type are height and stats.

Chemistry styles are applied to players as stat-boosting items. FUT fans figured out that if you apply the right chemistry style to certain players, their AcceleRATE type would switch to lengthy.

However, on October 5, players started to panic as they believed EA tweaked the requirements needed to achieve lengthy status. The rumored change was supposedly meant to make it more challenging to turn Ultimate Team players lengthy.


The English version of the FIFA 23 pitch notes, also known as patch notes, that contain the lengthy requirements indicate that a lengthy player must have a difference greater than or equal to 14 between the Strength stat and Agility stat.

However, one player pointed out that the German pitch notes indicate a required difference of 15 or greater. This may seem like a small change, but it makes the world of a difference when it comes to the chemistry-style trick.

Increasing the required difference drastically cuts down not only the chemistry styles that could be used to achieve the proper figures but also the number of players who could potentially switch to lengthy.

For example, you would no longer be able to turn Fikayo Tomori lengthy with a Backbone chemistry style because his Strength would only be 14 points higher than his Agility.

Luckily, EA commented on the rumored change as they confirmed that they were “investigating an issue in which Explosive and Lengthy AcceleRATE values are not updating correctly for some specific Player Item and Chemistry Style combinations.”

It turns out, the inability to turn certain players lengthy was due to an in-game bug, and not a change by the devs.

On October 12, EA released a statement confirming that the issue has been resolved. The in-game bug preventing players to switch to lengthy has been removed. Ultimate Team fans should once again be able to utilize chemistry styles to turn players lengthy without any hiccups.

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Image Credit: EA Sports

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