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FIFA 23 players suggest genius way to fix “useless” FUT Moments rewards

FUT Moments has added more content to FIFA 23, but players have come up with a solution to improve one aspect of the game mode.



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FIFA 23 Ultimate Team has been bolstered by the addition of FUT Moments and regular players believe EA can make it, even more, engaging with a crucial change.

On top of the Chemistry Style changes and the well-received AcceleRATE mechanic, EA also decided to flesh out FIFA 23’s most popular game mode with an additional variation to enjoy – FUT Moments.

The scenario-based distraction provides mini gameplay segments to complete and rewards successful completion with a certain number of stars.

These stars can then be redeemed for cool rewards that would ordinarily cost a lot of coins or players via SBC challenges. However, as fun as this concept is, FIFA 23 players have thought of a useful way to revise the system.

FUT Moments rewards could be improved in FIFA 23?

Currently, obtained FUT Moments stars could be used to claim either a Gold Pack or a Premium Gold Pack, worth 5K and 7.5K coins respectively, or on a bunch of seasonal goodies.

This ranges from exclusive Ted Lasso tie-ins to more expensive packs, but the notion is that the majority of these rewards simply aren’t worth the effort.

Reddit user AleexPC unveiled an idea that would make FUT Moments rewards more like what FUT Swaps offers, saying: “If EA used the Star Gallery to its full potential,” before showing off cards from the Road to the Knockouts promo.

The idea suggests that players can earn stars and eventually use them to claim one of several pre-assigned RTTK players.

The top comment was very supportive of the idea but also equally frustrated by the current state of the rewards: “That’s what I was hoping it would be. Instead, we have useless packs.”

Continuing on from their opening post, the OP believed that EA have already irreparably damaged FUT Moments: “Yeah.. way to kill off the hype for a new game mode tho. they should’ve definitely tried to ride off the little hype it had instead of killing it by having some mediocre packs.”

Obviously, if the devs opt to drop some expensive packs and world-class cards as rewards then it could spring the mode back to life.

We’ll have to see, but in the meantime, see how you can incorporate an amazing dribbling trick to help your gameplay, as well as our TOTW 4 predictions.

Image Credit: EA Sports