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FIFA 22 Ultimate Team players banned for No Loss glitch

A recent FIFA 22 Ultimate Team No Loss glitch allowed players to illegally replay games, those players are now facing FUT bans.



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Players who took advantage of the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team No Loss glitch are now being reprimanded by EA as 7-day FUT bans are being distributed to these players.

FIFA 22 has already had a couple of amusing glitches in its lifespan such as disappearing players and Kimpembe taking a trip to the moon, but the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team No Loss glitch was not as amusing.

A method was found that enabled players, who were presumably going to lose their Rivals or FUT Champs match, to quit the game without taking an official loss.

It seems that quite a few players made use of this No Loss glitch, and EA are now beginning to make FIFA 22 players feel the repercussions of their actions with 7-day bans.

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Losses in Rivals and FUT Champs can be the difference between promotion to a higher division or the quality of packs a player will receive.

The No Loss glitch prevented this from happening and gave players ample opportunity to try and rectify looming losses.

A post on the official FIFA subreddit has shown evidence that EA is throwing down the banhammer on such actions. It said: “Hello FIFA player. We noticed that your account was involved in cheating in FIFA Online Play. Because of this, we have suspended your FIFA Online access for one week.”

It goes on to say that if players that receive this ban are found to be in breach of any further FIFA Online rules then they could face a “permanent ban from FIFA online play.”

This is a strong hand shown by EA and has laid down the law immediately and dispensed with any slaps on the hand. It’s sure to deter players from attempting similar tactics in the future as to not risk a permaban.

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Image Credit: EA