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FIFA 22 players slam FUTTIES Ferland Mendy SBC as “worst in FIFA history”

FIFA 22’s FUTTIES Ferland Mendy has been slammed as the worst SBC in the series’ history due to its 2.5 million coin requirements.



Ferland Mendy in FIFA 22

EA have dropped another SBC as part of the FIFA 22 FUTTIES promo, this time for Real Madrid’s Ferland Mendy. However, the requirements and overall cost of the SBC has sparked an angry reaction from the community.

FIFA 22 FUTTIES has gone down as one of the best promos of the year for many fans. After Team of the Season marked the end of the footballing season, FUTTIES came along for one final blowout before FIFA 23.

The event has showered players with plenty of objectives to grind and SBCs to complete, all for special versions of popular players used throughout the year. Most have come with relatively kind requirements when you consider the insane cards on offer because the game is entering its final stages.

However, EA released one FUTTIES card with eye-watering requirements, and angry players have labeled it “the worst SBC in FIFA history.”

On August 3, EA dropped an in SBC into FIFA 22 Ultimate Team for a FUTTIES Ferland Mendy. The card had boosted the Frenchman’s rating to an incredible 96, while moving him into central midfield.

As a Real Madrid star with great all-round stats, many FUT players would have been keen to add them to their late-game squads. However, the requirements for the SBC caused them to backtrack.

FUTTIES Ferland Mendy forces players to submit 17 different squads, including two that are 91-rated and many that require multiple special cards like FUT Birthdays or Future Stars. According to FUTBIN, it costs somewhere around the 2.5 million coin mark to complete every one.

This makes Mendy one of the most expensive SBCs in FIFA 22 to date, and when the details hit Reddit, players were quick to call EA out for its decision.

“This is the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen in FIFA, I have literally no words,” said one angry reply. “I’m actually speechless tf are these requirements,” said another.

Many players felt that when you consider the cost of the Mendy compared to other cards with similar stats, this SBC represents the poorest value of any challenge to date.

“Worst sbc to exist in the history of FIFA. I don’t think it’ll ever get as bad as this. I don’t think anybody loves Mendy this much,” said one of many similar responses.

In fact, shortly after FUTTIES Mendy was released, it was already well on the way to becoming the most hated card on FUTBIN, with almost 17,000 dislikes.

With such lofty requirements, some fans have speculated that there may have been a mistake on EA’s part when they released SBC.

However, the devs are still yet to address the situation, so we’ll have to wait and see if FUTTIES Mendy becomes cheaper in the coming days.

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Image credits: EA Sports