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FIFA 22 FUT players call for major changes to “mindless” Squad Battles mode

Squad Battles can be an easy way to earn some rewards in FUT 22, but players are unhappy with how the mode is playing at the moment.



FIFA 22 player taking a shot

Squad Battles is a way of earning rewards in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team without having to face the sweatiness of online modes. However, players feel the mode is in need of serious tweaks to make it more enjoyable.

Although the likes of FUT Champs and Division Rivals are where the best packs in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team can be found, Squad Battles is another option for those who don’t want to take their game online.

Squad Battles is an offline mode that pits you against a random selection of AI-controlled squads, as you earn weekly rewards based on the games you win.

It’s been a staple of FUT in recent years, but fans aren’t happy with how the mode is playing in FIFA 22 – labeling it a “boring mess.”

Squad Battles menu in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

In previous years, Squad Battles have been a way for fans to earn extra rewards or complete objectives, and a change of pace from the intensity of the online modes.

However, players feel that the slower gameplay in this year’s title has made Squad Battles “hard to bear,” and the rewards are not lucrative enough to make the grind worthwhile.

“The games are too long. I would play it more with shorter games like 3-4min halves, but now it takes forever,” said one Reddit user. “The rewards are not worth the grind on legendary plus.”

Zeegs33 added that the mode is “mindless,” and they would often watch a stream or listen to a podcast at the same time to break the monotony.

Other players pointed out the way the AI team plays is often frustrating, noting that many teams will simply pass the ball around endlessly even when it is losing.

Another user felt that his Squad Battles games were unfair, as the computer-controlled opponent is always guaranteed to score, no matter what he did to prevent it.

“It’s too scripted for me,” they said. “I normally play on legendary and I know at some point I’ll either give away a soft penalty (I hardly ever give a pen away in Rivals/Champs) or they’ll score a 30-yard banger.”

This was seconded by other players, who called out the AI’s “blatant cheating” and ridiculous goals that they often score.

It remains to be seen if EA takes the concerns of players into account in a future update, but some fans have praised Squad Battles as a fun and challenging alternative to online modes.

Some even felt that it is a perfect place to hone your skills and practice shots before you tackle the far more unforgiving Rivals or Fut Champs.

At least for now, fans will have to make the best of Squad Battles with the gameplay as it is.

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Image credits: EA