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FIFA 22 FUT Hero glitch makes it impossible to play matches again

Following the latest FIFA 22 update, an issue with one of the new FUT Hero cards is preventing players from entering a match.



FIFA 22 FUT Hero Joe Cole glitch

FUT Heroes are new to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, and they’ve become some of the most popular cards on the market. However, a glitch with one specific Hero is breaking the game and making it impossible to enter a match with him in the team.

FUT Heroes have been an instant hit among the FIFA 22 community, and have quickly added these cult favorites straight into their first team.

Earlier in the year, an issue with FUT Hero Joe Cole was preventing players from entering a match with him in the squad, and EA had to release a fix in the first patch.

Now, after Title Update #3 dropped, Joe Cole is once again causing problems for players.

FIFA 22 FUT Hero Upgrade

Shortly after FUT Heroes were first added into FIFA 22 packs, players with Joe Cole in their squad were met with a message claiming there was an “error” with the card, and they couldn’t play a match.

Now, after the first issue was patched and Cole began tearing up squads across the land, a new glitch won’t allow players to apply contracts to him.

Reddit user CallMeFebrox uploaded a video in which Cole could be seen to have no contracts left, which means players are illegible to play until they are topped up.

But as the video went on, despite the user applying multiple consumables that should grant him 37 more matches each, the ex-Chelsea man remained on zero contracts.

According to reports from other players, this only seems to become an issue once the number of contracts applied naturally hits zero.

If you had plenty of contracts stacked on him already, you will be able to use him until they run out.

Fans responded angrily to the video, calling out EA for letting a bug with the same Hero card break the game for a second time.

“Honestly, how do they do this time and time again?” asked one Redditor. “The incompetence with this company is unreal,” said another.

FUT Heroes in FIFA 22

EA is yet to comment on the glitch, and it’s unclear at the moment if there is a fix on the way or if players will have to wait until a future update.

After the FUT Hero SBC out recently, there are more Joe Cole’s scattered around Ultimate Team than ever before. Owners will be keeping their fingers crossed for a quick update so they can unleash their star man once again.

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Image credits: EA