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FIFA 22 EA Play unlimited hours glitch: How to avoid 10-hour limit

A glitch has been discovered that lets players bypass the 10-hour limit on the FIFA 22 EA Play Trail. Here’s how you can do it.



Mbappe in FIFA 22 with EA Play logo

Plenty of fans have been enjoying early access to FIFA 22 through the EA Play 10-hour trial. But if you’re burning through your time too quickly, there is a way of earning unlimited access.

The rollout of FIFA 22 has finally begun, with many players diving in for their first taste of Ultimate Team and Career Mode. EA Play early access has granted hardcore fans a 10-hour trial of the new game ahead of its October 1 launch.

If you’re using up your precious time too quickly, don’t worry. Here’s a way you can play without worrying about the timer.

FIFA 22 PSG players in a line

Only having 10-hours over the course of five days means that many FIFA 22 players will have to be conservative with their time. Once the timer hits zero, the game locks until September 27 when the Ultimate Edition is launched.

In the past, glitches have emerged that grant unlimited hours to the EA Play trial. This year is no exception, as YouTuber Cast4way highlighted in an upload to his channel.

How to get unlimited FIFA 22 early access

Kevin De Bruyne in FIFA 22

Here’s our simple step-by-step guide on how to get unlimited time in your EA Play FIFA 22 trial period.

It’s worth noting that this glitch requires two subscriptions to EA Play, which will come and some extra cost.

  1. Create a second account on your console, and subscribe it to EA Play
  2. Load up FIFA 22 on the main account you want to keep your progress on
  3. As soon as FIFA 22 appears on screen, quickly switch to the new second account
  4. Wait for the FIFA 22 screen to pop up again and switch back to the main account before it connects to the EA servers
  5. Now, a message should appear saying you are connecting to servers with your main account
  6. You should now have unlimited acces to any FIFA 22 game mode – including Ultimate Team

The YouTuber notes that it may take a few attempts to pull this off successfully, as the switching of accounts needs to be done very quickly.

It doesn’t appear to matter how long you have left of the original 10 hours, Cast4way mentions that he completed the exploit when the timer had hit zero.

It remains to be seen if EA will take any steps to prevent players from having more time in the trial. For now, though, this is a great way of making real progress on your FIFA 22 season ahead of the full launch.

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Image credits: EA