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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

FaZe Booya transforms RPK into “meta” SMG in Warzone 2

Warzone 2 expert FaZe Booya has revealed an RPK loadout that transforms it into one of the game’s best SMGs.



Warzone 2 player using RPK

The RPK has been the go-to weapon in Warzone 2 since launch thanks to the LMG’s fantastic range and damage output. Now, CoD expert Ean ‘FaZe Booya’ Chase has shown off an RPK build that turns it into a top close-range SMG.

There are dozens of different weapons to pick from in Warzone 2, from versatile Assault Rifles to deadly Shotguns. As is always the case, though, a few have risen to the top and established themselves as Warzone 2’s meta guns.

The Fennec 45 has dominated the SMG category as the ideal support weapon, while the RPK has been the most popular primary ever since the sequel arrived late last year.

Although most players will probably feel like they’ve got to grips with the RPK by now, FaZe Booya has revealed a build that transforms into a completely different weapon.

In his February 7 video, Booya explained that with the right combination of attachments, the LMG can be remade into a very competitive short-range Assault Rifle that plays more like an SMG.

“[It’s a] very, very good up close AR, kind of reminds me of the AK-74u or just a close-range AK,” said the YouTuber.

He ran the RPK as a Sniper Support class to the Signal 50, allowing him to deal with fights over large distances as well as up close and personal.

Check out FaZe Booya’s RPK SMG loadout in Warzone 2 below.

FaZe Booya’s RPK SMG loadout in Warzone 2

  • Barrel: KAS-7 406mm Barrel
  • Laser: FSS OLE-V Laser
  • Optic: Cronen Mini Pro
  • Stock: Prolite TL3 Stock
  • Magazine: 40 Round Mag

While the usual PRK build would focus on range and bullet velocity, Booya’s loadout concentrates on speed and mobility. He started with the KAS-7 406mm Barrel and FSS OLE-V Laser to buff the ADS speed and hip fire accuracy, ensuring you can land those crucial first shots.

Then, he went for the Prolite TL3 Stock to further improve ADSspeed and movement speed while aiming or crouching. He rounded things out with Cronen Mini Pro for increased accuracy over the iron sights, and 40 Round Mags to deal with multiple enemies before reloading.

With this new combination of attachments, the RPK gets a new lease of life as a deadly close-range Assault Rifle that feels much more like an SMG, similar to the Chimera.

It’s widely expected that the RPK, along with the Fenenc, will be nerfed in Warzone 2 Season 2, so this could be the perfect way to keep the LMG relevant after the update is live.

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Image credit: Activision