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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Every free Field Upgrade on Warzone Rebirth Reinforced: Map & locations

The Warzone Rebirth Reinforced map is full of free Field Upgrades to help you to victory, here’s where you can get your hands on them.



Warzone Reinforced map with logo

Field Upgrades are a crucial part of Rebirth Reinforced, and securing them without spending hard-earned cash is a huge bonus. Here’s where to find every free Field Upgrade on Rebirth Reinforced in Warzone Season 2 Reloaded.

The Warzone Season 2 Reloaded update brought with it Rebirth Reinforced, a welcome revamp of the popular Rebirth Island that added a host of new POIs and features. Despite some issues with the spawning system, the makeover has gone down very well with the community.

Field Upgrades are a key part of any game of Rebirth, but players are forced to weigh up the risk of splashing the cash they’ve accumulated or saving it for later. Luckily, there are some FIeld Upgrades and special equipment scattered around the map that can be picked up for free.

Here’s where you can find every free Field Upgrade in Warzone Rebirth Reinforced.

Gas Masked Warzone player carrying a gun

All manner of useful equipment can be found scattered around Alcatraz. Gas Masks for protection from the incoming gas cloud, Armor and Ammo Boxes, and even Self Revive kits.

Reddit user ‘ohhAtaraxia‘ put together a handy map that shows every spot where Field Upgrades can spawn in a match. In total, there are spawns for three Gas Masks, six Self Revives, and four Armor and Munitions Boxes.

Spawns seem to be fairly spread out, so landing anywhere on the island shouldn’t put you at too much of a disadvantage. That being said, the top of the map has ever so slightly more to offer, so you might want to beeline straight there if you want to get a Gas Mask or Self Revive early on.

The only downside is that while ohhAtaraxia’s map shows every possible location that free Field Upgrades could spawn, there is an element of randomness in each game.

There’s no guarantee that the equipment will be there every time, but these are the only spots where they could appear, so it’s worth learning them so you can check in every match.

Of course, the option to simply buy any Field Upgrade is always there, but safely getting hold of one for free is the perfect way to gain the edge over the competition.

There you have it, that was the location of every free Field Upgrade in Warzone Rebirth Reinforced. For more on the new-look Rebirth mode, check out the best landing spots to easily rack up the wins.

Image credits: Activision / ohh Ataraxia