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Escape from Tarkov Jan 26 update patch notes: Weapon recoil reduced & stamina penalty nerfs

Here are the full patch notes for Escape from Tarkov’s January 26 update which brings highly requested combat and movement changes.



Escape from Tarkov players aiming weapons

Escape from Tarkov developers Battlestate games dropped a very welcome update on January 26, reducing recoil across all weapons and nerfing stamina penalties.

Escape from Tarkov, which inspired CoD’s popular DMZ mode, is well-known for its ‘hardcore’ nature, bringing tough-to-control weapons and strict penalties. While the game is slow-paced and punishing by nature, players have become increasingly frustrated by the major movement penalties while in and out of combat.

The last wipe took place in December 2022, and the devs, Battlestate Games, released their first post-wipe update on January 26. This patch addressed much of the community’s complaints surrounding movement and combat, so here are the full patch notes and a breakdown of what has changed.

The most noticeable changes should be the adjustments to Tarkov‘s stamina penalties across the board — they’ve reduced the stamina penalty when hit by all ammo types, you’ll get fewer movement penalties from armored rigs and armor, and your stamina consumption will be reduced in general.

On top of that, weapon recoil has been lowered across the board, you’ll be able to carry more while overweight, and your energy and hydration won’t drop as much during a raid.

Escape from Tarkov January 26 patch notes

  • Reduced the recoil angle for all weapons
  • Reduced the stamina penalty when hit by any type of ammo
  • Increased the weight limit while overweight
  • Reduced stamina consumption in various cases, decreased energy and water consumption in raid
  • Greatly reduced penalties from armored rigs and body armor

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Image Credit: Battlestate Games