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eFootball 22 horrifies fans with player faces & broken crowds

Konami’s eFootball 22 is off to a rocky start as fans have captured some of the its in-game player faces and crowd models looking distorted.



messi on efootball 2022 cover

eFootball 22 is the dawn of a new era for Konami, but its legendary football franchise is horrifying gamers with its captured player faces and broken crowds.

Given that eFootball 22 is a fresh start for Konami in the battle with FIFA for the love of football fans everywhere, early indicators are that its player models and crowds need some TLC.

For the longest time, FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer have competed to deliver the best simulation of the beautiful game, and Konami hit the reset button this year by rebranding as eFootball, a free, live service version of its regular offering.

But images shared across social media have worried fans as some horrifying and warped images have raised questions about eFootball 22.

messi scoring a goal in eFootball 22

Multiple Twitter users have posted pictures of their experience with eFootball 22, and the game’s focus on realism has been questioned.

User @XRPadaxlm posted an image of Lionel Messi looking quite surprised, and one of his eyes looked a bit loose, to say the least.

The user also added: “This gonna become a meme every time Messi fails to score for PSG.”

Whereas @GXL_Redge showed Messi’s rival of the last decade, Cristiano Ronaldo, is seemingly celebrating a goal with a leaf blower being aimed at his face.

Finally, @Raffaele120393 managed to capture a shot of the crowd all raising their arms in the air and performing an action of some sort.

Although, it’s quite difficult to make out as the crowd either hasn’t rendered or is just in desperate need of some maintenance.

The title was released today, and these are just three examples already of potential hiccups that exist within the game.

If any further problems or talking points crop up regarding eFootball 22, then we’ll be sure to update you.

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Image Credit: Konami