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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Dr Disrespect explains why Warzone 2’s hated 2v2 Gulag needs to return

Popular streamer Dr Disrespect has revealed why he thinks Warzone 2 should bring back the 2v2 Gulag that was replaced in Season 2.



Dr Disrespect in front of Warzone 2 Gulag

At the start of Warzone 2 Season 2, the devs decided to revert back to the traditional 1v1 Gulag used in the original, but streaming star Dr Disrespect has explained why he thinks the 2v2 version should return.

When Warzone 2 first launched back in 2022, it came with a number of major changes from the original. After a ton of negative feedback, a lot of these have been reverted over time, such as custom Perk Packages, the looting system, and Loadout drops.

One of the biggest design choices the devs weren’t back on was the Gulag, which was made 1v1 again after fans grew frustrated with being eliminated because of teammates who weren’t pulling their weight.

However, popular streamer Dr Disrespect has explained why he thinks the 2v2 Gulag should come back in Warzone 2.

After dying on a recent stream, Doc claimed “the 2v2 Gulag was 30 times better than this one.” While TimTheTatman and the rest of his team disagreed, he doubled down by arguing that “1v1s are so boring.”

He went on to justify his statement, explaining that 1v1 Gulags offered less opportunity for memorable plays in Warzone 2.

“I want to be able to 1v2 people. That actually became really exciting, trying to get both the kills,” Doc continued. “For me, that’s an easy decision – keep it 2v2.”

The Two-Time went on to say that he understands why the community prefers the classic Gulag format, but he still felt that some magic had been lost.

“I get it, 1v1 you can go in there and earn your one kill and not worry about the other variables, which is lack of a teammate or the AI dude,” Doc said. “But there was something kind of cool about coming out of the Gulag with two extra kills.”

Later in the stream, Dr Disresepct accused the current version of feeling like it was designed by “third graders,” and revealed his dream Gulag setup: “Ideally, 2v2 without the Jailer and put the flag in the middle.”

While it’s very unlikely that the devs will overhaul the Warzone 2 Gulag for a second time, we’ll have to wait and see if Doc’s dream comes true in Season 3 or later down the line.

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Image credit: Activision / Dr Disrespect