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Call of Duty: Vanguard

Dr Disrespect explains why Vanguard players need to use a controller

The latest from Dr Disrespect reveals why players should use a controller over mouse and keyboard in Call of Duty: Vanguard.



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Dr Disrespect hasn’t been having the best of time in Call of Duty: Vanguard, but since switching to a controller, his luck has changed.

Vanguard hasn’t been out for too long, and players are definitely still getting used to the weapons and maps.

While having the best settings can no doubt impact your performance, Dr Disrespect has other ideas. The popular Call of Duty content creator believes using a controller in Vanguard is the best way to improve.

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All Call of Duty players will have their preference of mouse and keyboard or controller. There is usually a big debate over what’s better, dividing the community.

Dr Disrespect is usually a mouse and keyboard player, but since Vanguard’s release, he has opted for a controller.

Since playing with a controller, Dr Disrespect has noticed just how strong the aim-assist is in Vanguard. In a recent video, while playing Search and Destroy, he noticed just how powerful it is. The sights move and sway towards the enemy in the clip, even when they are behind cover.

The relevant clip is at 6:39:47

Dr Disrespect claims it’s the “strongest aim assist in gaming,” helping him achieve a 100-kill game on Das Haus.

He even believes it is so strong it will cause pros to switch to controller in tournaments: “It might be the case that everyone is swapping to controllers soon.”

Dr Disrespect is having a much better time with Vanguard since switching to controller. Putting those claims about being “done” with Vanguard in the past. This is ultimately why he feels players should definitely consider switching to a controller for Vanguard.

That’s all for Dr Disrespect’s views towards using a controller in Vanguard. For more, check out our piece on the Last Hours of Verdansk event.

Image Credits: Sledgehammer Games / Activision