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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Dr Disrespct slams Warzone 2 as the “worst Call of Duty” in history

Dr Disrespect has labelled Warzone 2 as the “worst Call of Duty” in history and urged Activision to make changes to save the franchise.



Dr Dispespect streaming Warzone 2

Streaming star Dr Disrespect has labeled Warzone 2 as the worst-ever Call of Duty, and urged publisher Activision to get the franchise “under control.”

Warzone 2 has certainly divided opinion since it launched at the end of 2022. Many players have praised the design of the new Al Mazrah map, but the lightning-fast TTK and addition of AI Strongholds have come under fire from the community.

YouTube streamer Dr Disrespect has been one of Warzone 2’s most vocal critics, repeatedly calling out the design of the game despite admitting it has potential. In a recent stream, the Two-Time hit out at Warzone 2 once again, claiming the battle royale is a low point for the series.

After being killed in a Solos match by a Riot Shield user, Doc launched into a passionate rant about the state of Warzone 2, claiming that it won’t last long without major updates.

“We’re in a state where this game’s shelf life is not much longer, let’s just all be real with each other,” he said on-stream. “I know there’s a lot of hardcore Call of Duty guys, me including, but let’s all be realistic about it – this game is the worst Call of Duty ever.”

The streamer backed up his rant by calling out the updates to Warzone 2 since launch, claiming they’ve done nothing to improve the game.

“From what I’ve seen in terms of post-launch support, what the f*ck, what are we doing? This is literally the worst Call of Duty in the history of the franchise in my opinion. I don’t give a f*ck about sales, none of that.

Later, Dr Disrespect became so frustrated that he called on Activision to take serious action, and even hand control over to Treyarch.

“Activision, you gotta get this franchise under control. Treyarch, [David] Vonderhaar, Vondy, come on man, bring my fun back. Go into your creative habitat where you belong, do what you need to do, and come back and give us what we want. Give me back my CoD,” Doc screamed.

While Dr Disrespect is clearly unhappy with Warzone 2 right now, leaks have hinted that Treyarch are working on a new Warzone 2 map alongside their 2024 CoD entry. The streamer, and many fans, will be hoping that this can breathe new life into the battle royale.

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Image credit: Dr Disrespect