Diablo 4 players slam “ridiculous” $28 skins more expensive than CoD bundles

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Diablo 4 includes sets that players can purchase through microtransactions in order to get their hands on new cosmetics, and the community feels that the prices for these sets are “ridiculous.”

Diablo 4 is set to arrive on June 6, 2023, granting fans of the franchise the chance to build their favorite classes to battle through a brand-new campaign, and players that purchase the Ultimate Edition can get early access.

Blizzard Entertainment confirmed that Diablo 4 features microtransactions, so players will be able to purchase cosmetic sets in the game. However, the Diablo community is shocked at the prices of these in-game skins.

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Reddit user ‘Uberkull’ shared a screenshot that showcases the price of a Diablo 4 Wraith Lord cosmetic set. In order to get their hands on this cosmetic set, players will need to spend 2,800 Platinum which amounts to approximately $28.

Although players knew that Diablo 4 would include microtransactions, the Redditor feels that this price is too high for a single cosmetic set. In the caption, they stated: “[I’m] ok with a cosmetic cash shop, but $28 for one set?!”

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Many players in the thread agreed with the Redditor, with some describing the price as “ridiculous.” One user commented: “Yeah, these types of insane prices have always made it a guarantee that I will never buy any in-game cosmetics for games I play.”

Another player slammed the set for being “even more expensive than Overwatch 2 skins.” There were also users stating that the set is “more expensive than CoD Bundles.” The commenters felt that these bundles would be more enticing to purchase if they cost approximately $4.99.

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A few players were amused by this and made jokes about the price still being better than those in Valorant. One user stated: “I’ll never buy a cosmetic, ever, but Valorant’s $80 sets are laughable at best, and only cement my stance.”

When talking about Diablo 4’s microtransactions, Kegan Clark, the Director of Product, made it clear that these monetization elements are meant to be aesthetically pleasing additions to enhance players’ overall gameplay experience. However, it’s clear that the pricing is not sitting well with players.

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