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Destiny 2 Season 14 to have Vault of Glass, Transmog & possibly crossplay

Vault of Glass and Transmog are already being readied for Destiny 2’s Season 14. It’s also possible that we will finally see crossplay too.



destiny 2 vault of glass

Bungie is already working on some important Destiny 2 features that are set to be introduced in Season 14, and some that could feature.

The primary focus for the epic FPS space drama is the transition from Season of the Hunt to the Season of the Chosen. New content is set to include crucial story details to maintain the new direction Destiny is heading, new strikes, and more.

But whereas Season 13 will be here for the next few weeks, Season 14 already promises to offer some massive content for the game in the future.

destiny 2 season 13

Destiny 2 Season 14 Vault of Glass

Anyone with a connection to the original Destiny will be instantly familiar when they think of Vault of Glass. Many Destiny players that have been around since the first game will need to be ready to rekindle an old flame as the series’ first-ever Raid is coming back.

In an interview on the game’s official YouTube channel, Assistant Game Director Joe Blackburn mentioned how the Raid has basically changed in the last 6 years. He said, “we would smoke this with Destiny 2 weapons and armor mods.”

He goes on to say the Raid is essentially going to be given a Destiny 2 lick of paint to make it harder and more challenging for seasoned Destiny players. Rewards and weapons tied to the Strike will also make a return to cap off the nostalgia.

destiny 2 vault of glass

Destiny 2 Season 14 Transmog

Cited on the blog post as a “work-in-progress”, Transmog (short for Transmogrification) is a system that takes an existing piece of armor and keeps the item’s stats unchanged. It will then redesign the armor to imitate the appearance of another piece, but again, retaining the original stats.

Destiny 2 has previously incorporated the idea in a far limited fashion. But the goal is to amplify this and make it a feature that can be transferred across all the armor in the game, allowing for greater customization options for players.

destiny 2 transmog

Destiny 2 Season 14 crossplay

It’s no secret that crossplay is a highly sought-after request for fans of Destiny 2. Allowing players to storm Raids, with their friends, across different consoles is seen as a necessity that they’ve been deprived of for far too long.

Thankfully, those requests haven’t fallen on deaf ears as in the December 8 “This week in Bungie” post, Joe Blackburn stated that, “Crossplay is coming in 2021.”

Now, are we saying that it’s coming in Season 14? Unfortunately, we are not, but it doesn’t mean it won’t. Crossplay has become commonplace in the gaming industry with all the major companies now allowing universal online play. Destiny risks losing players by not incorporating this into the game sooner rather than later. Logic dictates that it’s only a matter of time, and Crossplay could be welcomed in Season 14.

destiny 2 crossplay

These are just three big things to keep an eye out for as consider what Destiny 2 holds in store in the future.

These will no doubt be huge wins for Destiny players and fans alike, but in the meantime, there’s plenty to enjoy and marvel in with the anticipated release of Season of the Chosen.

Imager credits: Bungie