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Destiny 2 on PS5/Xbox Series X: 120 FPS, cross-play, release date & more

Bungie is readying a big Destiny 2 update on PS5 and Xbox Series X that will feature 120FPS, and cross-play, and much more.



Beyond Light has shown that Bungie’s sci-fi shooter has a lot longer in the tank and aims to dominate on next-gen too. Some crucial details are out in the open regarding Destiny 2 on PS5 and Xbox Series X: including its 120 FPS, cross-play, and all-important release date.

Many people are excited to see what the future holds for the PS5 and Xbox Series X’s new AAA blockbuster exclusives. However, lots of hardcore Destiny fans want to know what’s happening with their beloved shooter.

Bungie’s newest expansion pack has supposedly dawned a new era for Destiny 2 and represents a brand new chapter in the game’s legacy. But what can fans look forward to that have already invested in a new console? Let’s have a look at these Destiny 2 PS5 and Xbox Series X details and release date.

Release Date

Let’s get the big one in writing straight away. PS5 and Xbox Series X owners can lock and load their exotic rifles on December 8.

Naturally, the update should embrace all the new facets of each console and see a big performance improvement – especially those pesky load times.

guardians facing the camera in destiny 2

120 FPS

Yes, forget 30fps and even 60fps; we’re moving into the future with full 120fps. PC gamers will scoff at this notion as they have notoriously been able to unlock their frame rates and achieve unimaginable frames-per-second on top-end computers.

Console gamers haven’t had that luxury. The minor caveat to this is that you will need a 120hz TV that can actually support this greater demand. If you have one, look forward to rapid refresh rates and crisper, smoother gameplay.

Also, 120 FPS will only apply to the Crucible. Regular gameplay will run at a locked 60 FPS.


Destiny 2’s next-gen update will also bring about some same brand cross-play as PS5, and PS4 owners will be able to play together, and Xbox Series X and Xbox One players will too. It’s still not quite the universal cross-play that people want, but PlayStation, Xbox, and PC guardians coming together should never be ruled out.

a team of guardians in destiny 2


Console limitations have generally meant that those gamers haven’t been able to experience the same field-of-view as PC gamers. But the power of next-gen is changing the playing field.

One of the biggest examples of this forward-thinking is Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. The game has a proper FOV option for console gamers to change, allowing players to see more of the world around them. Destiny 2 is also following suit, and the next-gen update will also include a FOV feature.

These are just some of the biggest announcements for Destiny fans to salivate at. When the update becomes available, even more hidden nooks and crannies may be uncovered. If they are, we’ll be the first to let you know about them.