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Destiny 2 Beyond Light: The Loot Cave Returns



The famous cave from the original Destiny has made its return in the Destiny 2 Beyond Light expansion pack. It makes up for a surprising lack of loot. Here is everything you need to know it.

The Loot cave was one of the most popular aspects in Destiny when it first launched. Players would rush there with a weapon in their hands to pick off the endless amount of foes that would spawn there. Now Destiny 2’s Beyond Light has brought it back.

The expansion pack has brought a ton of new content along with some things that will be familiar to fans of the first game. The Cosmodrome is the latest addition along with the cave but it doesn’t have any loot.

Players would flood the cave to farm engrams in large quantities.

Originally the cave was a hotspot for players looking to farm large amounts of engrams. Bungie caught on to this exploit and very soon the location was removed altogether. The reason the developers gave for patching the cave is that players were wasting too much time on it. They felt that standing around and focusing on one location for hours wasn’t what they had in mind for players when they made the game.

This is a decision that they clearly still stand by, as the caves have been left mostly barren in Beyond Light. All you’ll find when you go inside are a bunch of crisped Hive remains. It seems some previous Guardians already showed up and did a number on them. Explore a bit further and you’ll find a chest but not much else.

Destiny veterans however still remember this location as a testament to those glorious early days. If you interact with the dead Hives then you will hear a whisper, “A million deaths are not enough for Master Rahool.”

So ultimately you’re out of luck if you’re looking to start farming huge quantities of engrams, but it’s still a nice relic of the early days of the game. Plus the Cosmodrome still has a lot of promising content coming up in the expansion pack. There are plenty of events and hidden treasures for you to look forward to so be sure to check out more Destiny 2: Beyond Light articles on Charlie INTEL for updates on these!

Images via Bungie.