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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

CoD players absolutely love Modern Warfare 2’s leaked Uncharted-style vehicle combat

Modern Warfare 2’s new Uncharted-style vehicle mechanics have been shown off in leaked gameplay and fans love it.



Vehicles fighting in Warzone's Verdansk

Modern Warfare 2 campaign gameplay has leaked, showing the player leaping from vehicle to vehicle like something out of Uncharted 4, and the CoD community absolutely loves it.

Modern Warfare 2 reunites players with Task Force 141 for a globe-trotting campaign that emphasizes the game’s new mechanics such as swimming and the major overhauls to vehicle combat.

Gameplay footage leaked on August 30, showing off 40 seconds of vehicle combat from the convoy mission that Infinity Ward showed creators back in June. With the footage now out in the wild, players have likened the mission to Uncharted and can’t wait to play.

In this leaked footage, we can see the player leap from one truck to another before picking up an AK-47. After they shoot the driver, entering the vehicle prompts a third-person perspective where they chuck out the corpse and jump into the driver’s seat.

After smashing through roadsigns and a small hut, even though in the driver’s seat, they lean out of the window in first-person and ADS to shoot enemies.

After the clip was posted to the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit, the comments were filled with praise and excitement for the campaign and how it could all affect Warzone 2. “Uncharted 4 is that you?” asked RyanGoFett24, and they weren’t the only one.

“The truck actually looks like it drives like an actual vehicle now,” commented SeaGL_Gaming. “Massive improvement over MW19.”

“This looks so good!!!!! If they can just make better maps than 2019 and encourage people to move around more this will be everything I could want,” explained TromboneKing98.

“Dude if they put this in warzone it’s gonna be bananas,” said cantseemeITdeptlol, and they’re right. Infinity Ward confirmed that all of the vehicle mechanics such as climbing on top of cars, shooting out of windows, and blowing out tires will all feature in Warzone 2.

Many commented on how heavy and realistic the cars seem, so vehicle combat is set for a major upgrade in Warzone 2, Ground War, and the leaked DMZ mode.

Image Credit: Activision