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Call of Duty: Mobile

CoD: Mobile Garena players frustrated over no Rambo, McClane event

Certain regions published by Garena and not Activision have become frustrated after missing out on the 80s Rambo and McClane content.



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The addition of Rambo and John McClane hasn’t applied to all Call of Duty: Mobile players with Garena not being able to supply the new Operators leading to various regions missing out on the content.

The 80s Action Hero event has created a real buzz about Call of Duty with the game acquiring the opportunity to include renowned film characters, Rambo and John McClane. Not only that, but the two Operators are available for players of Black Ops Cold War, Warzone, and CoD: Mobile.

However, some regions have not been able to truly benefit from the new characters like the global version of CoD: Mobile has. This has led to furious CoD: Mobile players venting their frustration, although it may not be needed much longer.

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In a heated Reddit post, DEVILSPECOPS discussed how excited they were for the hyped event, and how disappointed they are that the event is unavailable for them at the moment.

We can’t be 100% sure why Garena-run regions of CoD: Mobile are having to wait to get their hands on the content, but we’d have to speculate that it’s a licensing issue as Activision is not publishing that version.

One passionate user said, “You talk about the COD community, but it seems Garena players are not part of it. You guys really need to rethink the contract with Garena as it’s the most unfair version.”

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It’s understandably frustrating for the players that were eager to acquire and enjoy this new content, but it doesn’t seem like they’ll have to wait too long.

On Instagram, Garena’s page has posted a cryptic post indicating that Rambo and John McClane aren’t too far away.

The combat knife and war-torn, red bandana is a telltale sign that Rambo and McClane are presumably going to be an option for Garena players soon enough.

In the mean time, those CoD: Mobile players can claim free CoD: Mobile World Championship rewards.

Image Credit: Activision