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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

COD 2020 Crate Opened: 1950s Slide Projector with 10 slides



The mysterious crate package that arrived from Activision last week has now officially been opened, and inside was a 1950s Slide Projector. The model is the TDC Headliner 303.

We’ve never used such a slide projector before, and during our time analyzing it, we continued to see blurry images from the projector itself.

The box came with this letter in an envelope titled CONFIDENTIAL.

As we continue to learn how to use it, we were able to prop up the slides against a white light to closer examine exactly what each of the 10 slides show. Although, it’s not clear what the teasers are or how they relate to Call of Duty 2020.

Here is all 10 slides, for you to look at closely if you want too:

Other YouTubers and creators got other slides to see, including ones from @eColiEspresso who got a map labeled (4), as well as another who got a map labeled (2).

We will update this post as we continue to dive deeper into each of the slides.