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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

CI Podcast #15: Warzone’s DMR still overpowered! StoneMountain64 Interview

StoneMountain joins this week’s CharlieIntel Podcast to discuss Warzone’s broken DMR, stat-tracking apps and SBMM, and more.



StoneMountain64 and the DMR.

Warzone’s meta has been dominated by one weapon over the festive period, with the DMR wreaking havoc across Verdansk. Despite a nerf from Raven, the gun remains ultra-powerful, with further calls for the weapon’s power to be brought down.

The DMR Tactical Rifle has been the weapon of choice for players dropping into Verdansk, thanks to it’s incredible power and impressive accuracy. The weapon is so strong that many content creators called on Raven to make some changes, with the company finally introducing a nerf on January 5.

Unfortunately, it seems like it hasn’t affected the gun enough, with it still picking players off from distance with ease, something which Mike, Keshav, and StoneMountain64 all weighed in on during this week’s episode.

Also on the podcast this week, Keshav breaks down the rumors that Sledgehammer Games will develop Call of Duty 2021, while the pair also discuss the new Warzone stat-tracking apps that are being used to manipulate skill-based matchmaking.

StoneMountain64 joins the show to reveal his thoughts on what a new map could do for Warzone, while SuperEvan also drops by to discuss why he left Fortnite for Warzone.

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