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CI Podcast #14: OpTic H3CZ on Scump’s future and Warzone’s Rebirth Island

OpTic H3CZ joins the CharlieIntel Podcast to discuss life after Scump, the future of Call of Duty esports, and Warzone’s Rebirth Island.



H3CZ and Scump.

Warzone Season 1 is officially here, and with Rebirth Island receiving mixed reviews from CoD fans, Mike & Keshav share their thoughts on the new map, and also chat to OpTic’s Hector H3CZ’ Rodriguez.

After weeks of speculation, Rebirth Island has finally arrived. The new map is heavily based on Alcatraz from Black Ops 4 and Blackout, and offers players a chance to compete in faster-paced match ups compared to normal Battle Royale on Verdansk.

While some are happy to experience Warzone in a new way, some are disappointed with the map’s size, and were hoping for a new BR map to replace Verdansk in an effort to keep things fresh.

Joining the podcast this week is OpTic H3CZ, who recently regained of the organization that has been intertwined with his life for over a decade. The NRG co-CEO discusses what the Chicago Huntsmen name means to him moving forward, and whether he’s planning for life in Call of Duty after Seth ‘Scump’ Abner.

H3CZ also reveals his favorite CoD titles of all time, and why he thinks Activision need to do more to support the game’s esports scene.

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