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Call of Duty

Certain Bestbuy stores accidentally lists Ghosts and Season Pass as “Free” for PS4



Bestbuy seems to have made a big error today. Certain customers were shopping their Bestbuys when the spotted the Call of Duty: Ghosts full game and the Season Pass were listed for FREE for the PS4.

When the customer took the game card up to the register, it rang up as FREE, but it didn’t generate a code. The employee then asked another employee to help, and low and behold, a game code was generated. When the employees rang up the Season Pass, that still showed a price of $49.99, but the listings clearly says FREE. The customer was able to walk out of the store paying nothing for the game and the season pass.

We can’t confirm if all BestBuy’s have this listing as free, but it may be worth a try if you’re interested.

SOURCE: CheapassGamer