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Catalyst Ultimate “totally” counters scan-meta in Apex Legends Season 15

The Apex Legends devs have finally offered a counter to the scan-meta in Apex Legends Season 15 with Catalyst.



apex legends catalyst dark veil ultimate ability

The brand-new Apex Legends Season 15 Legend Catalyst brings great potential in the anti-scan department, as her Dark Veil Ultimate ability has the power to counter Seer and Bloodhound.

The Apex Legends meta has been dominated by scanning Legends for many seasons now, with Seer recently becoming a must-pick in Ranked due to his potential to track down and reveal enemy positions.

The community have been calling for a character to come in and counter the scan-meta, and it seems Respawn have answered these calls with the Season 15 Legend Catalyst.

This new Legend has the potential to counter Recon Legends such as Bloodhound and Seer with her Dark Veil ability, which could be massive in terms of the Season 15 meta and pick rates.

The Dark Veil ability is said to “totally” block Legend scans, including that of Bloodhound and Seer, who are easily the strongest scan characters in the game.

The Ultimate goes pretty high, but according to the devs during the press meeting, Horizon’s Q can “probably” get a player over it. That said, combined with Horizon’s Gravity Lift, you may be able to get a scan off over the wall, but this will obviously leave you exposed.

The Season 15 Legend Catalyst seems like she has great defensive potential and could be a very strong pick when it comes to Ranked and the competitive pro-scene, mainly due to her anti-scan potential.

The scan meta has been dominant for so long so it’s great to finally see a viable counter in the game. We’ll have to wait and see just how strong and useful Catalyst’s Dark Veil Ultimate ability will be against Recon Legends once Season 15 launches on November 1.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment