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Can you customize your character in Hogwarts Legacy? Character creation status

If you’re wondering whether or not Hogwarts Legacy features character creation then here’s everything we know.



Student in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy will put you in the shoes of a student exploring the famous magical school from the Harry Potter series, but does it feature character creation so that you can customize your appearance?

There is a ton of hype from fans of the Harry Potter franchise for the arrival of Hogwarts Legacy, and this new open-world title is set to bring a plethora of fun content from the Wizarding World.

After you’ve entered your House and gotten your wand, you’ll be able to explore classic locations, attend classes, brew potions, and much more. Players are wondering if Hogwarts Legacy will have character creation, and we’ve got the answer.

Does Hogwarts Legacy have character creation?

Yes, Hogwarts Legacy features a character creation system. As soon as you start the game, you’ll be presented with different presets that you can choose for your character, and after that, you’ll have several options for customization.

You can alter your face shape, skin color, complexion, hairstyle, hair color, eyebrow shape, and more. There are also different clothing options available, and you’ll have the freedom to dress your Hogwarts Legacy character however you like.

Hogwarts Legacy character creation

You can also have your character wear glasses, and these come with a selection that includes circular, half-moon, and hexagon shapes. You’ll be able to unlock even more as you play through Hogwarts Legacy.

Once you’re satisfied with your character’s appearance, you can finalize their creation by selecting a voice, giving them a name, and then choosing between the Witch and Wizard dormitories.

This was all revealed in a gameplay showcase by the developers, and it remains to be seen what other fun details they’ve included in Hogwarts Legacy when it finally arrives on February 10.

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