Taunts/Gestures + Attachment Variants in Black Ops 3 have to be acquired from “Supply Drop” in the “Black Market” – UPDATE

UPDATE: The same user who sent us the info below followed up with images showing that different attachment variants in Black Ops 3 (users are able to have different variants of the same attachment) are also acquirable from a Supply Drop in the Black Market. The image we saw showed the Weevil weapon’s Quickdraw Attachment. The image showed there was one base attachment unlocked, and a second variant to the quickdraw attachment had to be unlocked from a Supply Drop.

This Attachment Variant can be acquired from a Supply Drop in the Black Market.

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We’ve received images from a fan who was lucky enough to get Black Ops 3 early and it reveals some new details about the Taunts and Gestures in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. According to the images we’ve seen, the way to acquire one of the taunts in the game is to receive them in a “Supply Drop” from the “Black Market.”

Classified This Taunt can be aquired from a Supply Drop in the Black Market.

We are unable to confirm exactly what the Black Market in-game is and how the Supply Drop works in Black Ops 3. According to the fan, the Black Market has not gone live yet. Treyarch has not mentioned anything about a Supply Drop system in this title at all.

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SOURCE: @TunaTommo

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