Report: 13 new weapons, Face Paint, Location of DLC3 War map found in WWII game files

Keshav Bhat

A user on Reddit (u/LackingAGoodName) has shared some new details on upcoming content for Call of Duty: WWII following finding new information inside the game’s files.

The leak reveals 13 new weapons, the ability to add face paint, the location of DLC Pack 3’s War map, and more.

New Weapons:

  • KGM21_MP
  • ZK383_MP
  • EMP44_MP
  • PTRS41_MP

Commando Division

A new Commando Division has been found in the game files following the latest patch. The Division is still work in progress, so it is not clear if or when the Division will become available. Here is what has been found thus far for the Commando Division in the game files:

  • Specialist Basic Training’s
    • 3 Tiers of Basic Training’s awarded after the required amount of Kills. Unknown if player-chosen or preset Basic Training’s.
    • Basic Training 1: 5 Kills
    • Basic Training 2: 10 Kills
    • Basic Training 3: 15 Kills
  • Increased Explosive Damage Resistance per Crouch/Prone Kill:
    • +2% Explosive Damage Resistance per Kill
    • 3 Tiers of Explosive Damage Resistance: Bronze, Silver, Gold. Increasing a Tier is +10% Explosive Damage Resistance.
    • Bronze: 1 Kill (12% Reduction)
    • Silver: 8 Kills (26% Reduction)
    • Gold: 15 Kills (40% Reduction)
    • Max Explosive Damage Resistance is 99% (35 Kills).
  • Increased Sprint Speed per Hipfire Kill:
    • +0.2% Sprint Speed per Hipfire Kill
    • 3 Tiers of Sprint Speed Increase: Bronze, Silver, Gold. Increasing a Tier is +2% Sprint Speed.
    • Bronze: 1 Kill (+2.2% Sprint Speed)
    • Silver: 10 Kills (+4% Sprint Speed)
    • Gold: 25 Kills (+7% Sprint Speed)
    • Max Sprint Speed increase is 25% (119 Kills).
  • Decreased Recoil per Headshot Kill:
    • -1% Recoil per Headshot Kill
    • 3 Tiers of Recoil Reduction: Bronze, Silver, Gold. Increasing a Tier is -5% Recoil.
    • Bronze: 1 Kill (-6% Recoil)
    • Silver: 10 Kills (-15% Recoil)
    • Gold: 20 Kills (-35% Recoil)
    • Max Recoil Reduction is 90% (75 Kills).

DLC3 War Map

The game files also reveal that Call of Duty: WWII DLC Pack 3’s War Map will take place in Tunisia, North Africa.

Objectives (Placeholder)

  • Capture a Flag
  • Hold a Hardpoint
  • Destroy an objective

Face Camos

Face paints have been referred to in Call of Duty: WWII’s game files following the latest patch. There are some mentions of it in the files, but no other information has been revealed thus far.

Chrome Tiger Camo

A Chrome Tiger Camo has been referred to in the game files, with it being obtainable. The Tiger Camo has been in the files since the beta build but has not been available for players to unlock.

SOURCE: Reddit

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