Primed Basic Training’s flinch reduction ability in Call of Duty: WWII reduced by 85% in latest update

Keshav Bhat

With version 1.06 in Call of Duty: WWII, Sledgehammer Games sated in the patch notes that they had nerfed the Primed Basic Training, which provided players with less flinch when using a weapon. It was not initially clear how much the nerf was.

Condrey has followed up on Reddit with a clearer explanation, but stated that the flinch reduction attribute of the Primed perk has been reduced by 85%, a pretty large number. SHG has not released their planned update to overall improve the flinch across all weapons without the Primed basic training equipped. Many fans were upset and confused as to why the studio would nerf Primed before addressing Flinch overall in the game.

Here’s Condrey’s full response:

Global weapon balance is one of the most delicate and complex parts of getting the second to second combat right. We spent more than two years finely tuning the weapon values and it would’ve been irresponsible to change multiple variables (Primed and a global weapon flinch pass) at the same time in the live environment. It’s paramount to give a global stat change enough time in our internal playtests to ensure we maintain balance across all weapons, and we expect to roll out global flinch reduction tuning soon. We chose to reduce the flinch component of Primed first because Primed was being largely chosen for the secondary flinch Basic Training attribute, rather than the primary extra attachment element as intended.

In today’s update, we reduced the flinch-reduction attribute of Primed for all primary classes (minus sniper rifles) by 85%. With this change, our flinch values remain consistent with franchise ranges for all primary classes.

SOURCE: Reddit


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