Playlist Update for Infinite Warfare live on PS4/XB1: bug fixes + more

Keshav Bhat

With the playlist update that went live earlier today to activate Drop Zone in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Infinity Ward also brought some fixes and updates to the game.

They have now posted the full patch notes for the playlist update. The playlist update is live on PS4 and Xbox One.


  • Infected:
    • Fixed an issue where players can respawn looking like Infected after suicide
    • Restored boost values to previous settings based on community feedback
    • Map Vote in lobbies now display the game mode name, to allow players to know what they’re voting on for Infected and Mosh Pits
  • Search and Destroy:
    • Scorch – Adjusted B bombsite to fix an issue where players can plant behind a crate
    • Fix for an exploit when viewing killcams – we now hide the options menu minimap when the player is dead or watching a killcam so they can’t see the bomb carrier
  • Hardpoint: Updated start spawns for Precinct
  • Custom and LAN Options:
    • Adds in Tactical, and CWL tuning options in Custom and LAN games
    • Tactical option will make any mode play with Tactical adjustments
    • CWL tuning option will allow any mode to play with CWL adjustments to Rigs, Traits, Payloads, Energy Weapons, Hybrid Weapons, etc.
  • All or Nothing: Fixed an issue where players were not receiving the boost, slide, and wallrun movement abilities when this mode was toggled
  • Weapon sprint out times have been slightly increased by weapon class. Gung Ho still has fast sprint to fire times.
  • Epic Gun Game has been removed and original Gun Game is now in the Special tab.
  • Added Drop Zone to Featured tab
  • Exploding Drone: Slightly increased move speed. Increased base health from 1 hit to 2 (1 with a sniper or shotgun close up). Increased rugged health from 2 hits to 3 (2 with a sniper or shotgun close up)
  • Fixed an issue where Payloads could be activated on the frame of death
  • Care packages no longer reflect friendly fire damage back at the owner

SOURCE: Reddit