Call of Duty Clan Wars Diamond Division registration now open

Beachhead Studio has announced that Call of Duty Clan War Diamond Division registration is now open. If your clan meets the requirements – winning first place in at least two clan wars in Platinum Division – then you can opt-in via the Mobile App or from here.

Diamond Division gives high-performing Clans a chance to compete against the best of the best in Call of Duty® Clan Wars. Clans in Diamond Division only compete against other Diamond Division Clans in a Clan War separate from the Bronze through Platinum Division pool.

Here’s the details on how to sign up:

First, your Clan must acquire at least two wins within the Platinum Division. All Platinum wins from the start of Clan Wars and moving forward count toward your tally.

If your Clan meets the minimum two-win Platinum Division wins requirement, the Commander, or Clan Leader, can then opt-in for participation in Diamond Division Clan War.

Your clan can have the option to Opt-out of this if you don’t want to participate in it anymore. Here’s how:

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OPTING-OUT – If you opted-in for Diamond Division, but no longer want to participate, you may opt-out of Diamond Division by returning to this page. By opting-out your Clan will be placed back in the matchmaking pool for the next Non-Diamond Division Clan War. Note, you will not be able to join any in-progress Clan Wars, and must wait to the start of the next open Clan War.

If you have the mobile app, and are the Clan Leader or Commander, visiting the Clan War section should promote you with this if your clan is qualified to register:

For more information on Diamond Division, visit our post here.

SOURCE: Call of Duty site via Reddit (mobile app image via @Johnwastaken)

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