Black Ops 4 Multiplayer servers appear to be running at 64Hz as of Oct. 27th

Ethan Chrisp

After Treyarch’s October 23rd update which addressed the community’s concerns with the networking in Black Ops 4, tests showed that the Client Update Rate was increased from 20Hz to 30Hz that same day. Treyarch made it clear that improvements would be rolling out over the course of a few weeks. Today, tests show that the Client Update Rate has been increased from 30Hz to 60Hz. It’s possible that these changes are not yet live in all regions as it is likely a staged rollout.

Redditor /u/soja92 took to /r/BlackOps4 to announce the results of multiple tests across both PlayStation 4 and PC. The results are very pleasing, the Multiplayer Client Update Rate is targeting 64Hz while the Server Update Rate is targeting 60Hz.

PC – Control Gamemode

PC – Team Deathmatch Gamemode

PlayStation 4 – Team Deathmatch Gamemode

However, it’s not all good news as Custom Games appear to still run at the 20Hz Client Update Rate and 60Hz Server Update Rate. It’s possible this is due to the staged rollout and will not be the case in the coming days/weeks.

PC – Custom Games

Blackout is also running at the 20Hz Client Update Rate and 60Hz Server Update Rate. However, Blackout does appear to target a 40Hz Client Update Rate during the 100-80 players phase of each match. It is not yet known if Blackout will receive further improvements to its networking, perhaps the 40Hz Client Update Rate is the target for the entirety of a Blackout match.

PC – Blackout

At this time it is unknown if Treyarch plans to further improve other aspects of Black Ops 4’s networking that the community has requested. Read about the community’s wishes in a Reddit post by YouTuber Battlenonsense. Stay tuned for any further updates!

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