Best attachments and class setup for the Saug 9mm SMG in Black Ops 4 Multiplayer

Jeffrey Mizrahi

Learn everything on the Saug 9mm with this handy breakdown. 

With the Submachine Gun class tied with Assault Rifles for most guns on disc, it’s important to get familiar with them all. For now, “TheXclusiveAce” walks us through the optimal class set up and attachments to make the Saug 9mm the best gun it can be.

Starting with its damage output, you’re looking at a six to nine shot kill in core mode, with a one to two shot kill in hardcore, albeit with a short range. (These stats are all without attachments.) When facing enemies with Body Armor, the shots to kill increase by one or two depending on range.

The Saug 9mm has some of the worst hip fire in the SMG category, however still tied with the MX9 and Cordite. Don’t worry about headshots either as the 1.1x damage boost doesn’t help all that much.

Where it lacks in accuracy, the Saug makes up for in reload time at 1.27 seconds, making it one of the fastest SMGs. With Fast Mags equipped, the reload speed drops to .72 seconds.

What makes this SMG unique is that it’s operator mod allows the gun to be dual-wielded. Since you’re literally holding two guns, the Saug’s time to kill is halved, and the rate of fire is doubled.

When it comes to attachments, Ace recommends most of them aside from Fast Mags II and Quickdraw as they are a little redundant.

For a standard class setup, use the Saug 9mm with Quickdraw, Stock, and Fast Mags and Hellion Salvo as your secondary. This allows you to play effectively with your primary gun, and help your team take out scorestreaks with the launcher.

TheXclusiveAce’s first Saug 9mm class setup.

Looking to dual wield? Forgo that secondary and equip fast mags and a suppressor alongside the operator mod to melt enemies.

TheXclusiveAce’s second recommended setup.

Checkout TheXclusiveAce’s full video below for even more details and stats for the Saug 9mm:

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